Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week Seven Post-Op

I am continuing to feel better every week.  I was back at work full time this week and sitting in my chair is definitely easier than it was previously.  I am walking faster and going to the store amongst normal people isn't scary anymore.  I feel like I can blend into the crowd now.     

This week at PT we advanced some of my strengthening and stability exercises.  I am now doing partial lunges, side stepping squats with resistance bands, more squat type stuff for my glutes, and one legged bridges.  I am finally feeling like my glutes are getting some good work, since I woke up the next day a little sore (sore muscles, not joint.)  I don't mind the muscle pain, but I must say that my hamstrings were pretty painful for a few days following.  On my own I am also doing planks and calf raises.  (A side note on calf raises - you can't not use your legs for over a month and then break out 50 calf raises.  Ouch.  I felt that one for a good few days afterwards.)  My range of motion seems to be almost back to normal, aside from some certain movements, which they said will come with time.  PT also gave me the green light to "walk for exercise."  They were pretty ambiguous about the distance, but I figure as long as I am pain free, then it's okay.  My gait still isn't perfect (feels only very slightly off), but I'm reasonably sure I look like I normal person walking down the street now.  Walking on flats is definitely easier than on hills.  I slow down significantly on the hills yet. 

Monday: Grocery store (this was a good enough walk that day for me)
Tuesday: 1.8 mile walk
Wednesday: 1 mile walk
Thursday: 2 mile walk
Friday: 2 mile walk
Saturday: 10 mile bike ride
Sunday: 10 mile bike ride + 1.3 mile walk

I have determined that biking is magic.  Sometimes I will wake up with a small limp or some minor pain, but after I've hopped on the bike for a while it's instantly gone.  Maybe it has to do with that "motion is lotion" saying about your joints.  Speaking of biking, I rode my bike OUTSIDE for the first time on Saturday.  I stuck to as flat of a route as possible and just took it nice and easy.  Low gears, easy pedaling, plenty of coasting.  The few hills I did encounter I just put it in a super easy gear and spun away without getting up off the seat.  It felt totally fine and it was great to get outside.  I hadn't been outside on a bike since November, so the first few minutes were like, "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!"  I stopped at a picnic table half way through and took a 5 minute break.  I wound up going 10 miles in about 55 minutes.  Ridiculously slow, but the point was just to get outside and enjoy myself and see how it felt.  My ride on Sunday felt even better and I was faster, so I can't complain about that kind of instant progress.  I'll consult with PT on Monday just to be sure, but hopefully this means I can start to bike outside a few days a week!

I can now easily sleep on my operated side.  I don't really even think about rolling over in bed anymore.  It's just normal aside from the pillow between my legs, which I think I'll continue to use for a while just in case.  (In case of what, I'm not sure, but it can't hurt.)  When going up and down stairs now I have that little urge to jog, since that's my typical behavior.  I figure that's a good sign that my brain wants me to jog, even though I won't be doing that anytime soon.  I would say that the only normal movements I am still having difficulty with is getting in/out of the car.  I am still careful about my leg and use my hands to lift it slightly.  If I forget, I'll get a small zing of pain to remind me that there is still a lot of healing going on inside of me. 

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E said...

I get that WHEEEEEE feeling every time I get on my bike! I know it'll be awesome that first time after surgery. :)