Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week Two Post-Op

I started PT this week at 8 days post-op.  I scheduled my appointment with the same PT who I had worked with pre-surgery, hoping that her knowledge of knowing me beforehand and seeing my struggles would be helpful.  The first session was pretty uneventful.  I told the story of how I wound up making the decision to have surgery and we did some light range of motion exercises as well as more glute and quad tightening.  I also laid on my back and did heel slides.  The ROM exercises included log rolls and laying on my stomach with my knee bent at 90 degrees and slowly swinging my foot outward and then inward like a pendulum.  My dad would help me with this exercise at home.  Even though it had only been a week, she had me doing some weight shifting too, to start loading my operated leg.  She had me stand on it full weight bearing once, but that was kind of scary even though it didn't cause any pain.

This was the week I started going on short crutch walks around my neighborhood.  The weather was finally starting to get warmer and the snow was melting, so I was happy to get outside.  I started out by crutching down the street and back.  Then around around block.  Then a little longer than around the block.  My energy was starting to come back and I was anxious to do something.  I'm not very good at sitting for long periods of time; probably part of the reason why I run so much.  I crutch walked 3 days this week for a grand total of 2 miles.

At day 10, I went for my first follow up appointment.  Turns out my surgeon was on vacation that week, so I would just see his PA.  The PA said I looked good and took out my stitches.  This didn't hurt at all; I could hardly even feel it happening.  I asked about transitioning off crutches and he told me that even if I was feeling good that I needed to stay on them to protect all the work that was done in there.  It was a pretty quick appointment, as Dr. Keene wasn't there to go over everything with me.  I would see him at 6 weeks post-op for all the details. 

I started sleeping better as I got more comfortable sleeping on my side.  My lower back pain also started to go away this week, since I was moving around more and sleeping in a more natural position for me.  I was still biking with no resistance with no issues at all.  I still wasn't holding onto the handlebars, but just sitting straight up and biking.  I felt that pinching sensation when I leaned forward, so I figured the handlebars would come with time.

One of my friends came to take me out to dinner and get me out of the house one night.  It felt good to go somewhere and to be out in public.  I was a little worried about sitting on a hard restaurant chair for so long, but it turned out to be okay.  I was a little achy toward the end, but over all it didn't really hurt.  Having a beer didn't hurt either!

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